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Hunan Sunwalk Group, with the registered capital of more than 2.2 billion RMB, is a comprehensive private-owned enterprise which is preferentially supported by Hunan provincial government. Boasting its diversified business scope straddling 3D printing, communication, building, real-estate, environmental protection and tourism etc., Hunan Sunwalk Group radiates its business to several provinces such as Hunan, Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou etc., amoung which, 27 subsidiaries are affiliated.


Real Estate Sector

To build a leading enterprise of 3D printing
promoting the reform of manufacturing industry

3D printing can be applied in a wide range of fields, such as traditional manufacturing industry, aerospace. automotive, consumer electronics, medical equipment, construction engineering, etc. These areas can apply the technology of 3D printing. As a new processing technology...


Transformation from traditional basic business to emerging smart city business

During the more than 10 years since the establishment of the communications business sector, it has invested in the construction of an underground weak current optical fiber network covering more than 95% of Changsha City, with a total of 40,000 hole kilometers....


Transformation from single business to diversified business model

It has won the Luban Award(China Construction Industry Supreme Award) , the Furong Award, and Hunan Provincial Quality Projects, Provincial Quality Demonstration Projects, Model Projects and Changsha City Construction AAA Credit Enterprise for five consecutive years......


The real property sector is upgrading from the 1.0 era to the 2.0 era

With the end of the golden age of rea estate, the real property sector is upgrading from the 1.0 era to the 2.0 era, from real property developers to financialization and professional division......


ircular ecological integration operation service provider

The company focuses on comprehensive treatment of water supply and drainage in towns and industrial parks, municipal pipeline network construction, advanced wastewater treatment, reclaimed water reuse and upgrading transformation, harmless treatment of urban garbage, river dredging, black and odorous water treatment, heavy metal treatment, Soil restoration......


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